Papers are invited for International Conference Ecocomp 2017

Ecocomp 2017, 6th International Conference on Sustainable Fibers, Polymers and Composites will be held in the English industrial city of Coventry, in the Manufacturing Technology Center, on May 9-10, 2017.

The growth of ecological awareness has stimulated an interest in the development of sustainable materials, environmentally friendly and suitable for recycling. Environmental legislation and consumer demand are increasing the pressure on manufacturers. They have to consider the impact of their products at all stages of their life cycle, even after their useful life.

As a consequence, there is a need to develop composite materials based on renewable resources, to seek affordable and eco-friendly options for replacing the usual fibers and polymers.

The conference Ecocomp 2017 will focus on the progressive innovations in composites, as well as composite materials derived from sustainable sources. The participants will cover the following issues:

  • recycled fiber reinforcements;
  • recycling of composites;
  • durability and testing;
  • biodegradable composites;
  • bio-derived resins.

The conference will also cover such issues as natural fiber reinforcements, wood fiber composites, eco-design, life cycle studies etc.

Different institutions and organizations can take part in the exhibition and benefit from the opportunity to use a number of exhibition packages and promote their brands.

The registration is open. Call for papers is announced. Closing date for abstracts is 18th November 2016. Participants can take advantage of fantastic early bird and all-inclusive offers.

Companies: Ecocomp

Industries: Ecology, General society

Terms: Composite materials

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