Textechno’s test equipment has received the DIN Innovation Award

Test equipment DRAPE TEST for evaluating composite woven and non-crimp fabrics as well as German standard DIN SPEC 8100 received another award. The project took part in the competition, which was held in the framework of the DIN forum “standards for the world of tomorrow”.

Carrying out expert evaluations and updating business plans and feasibility studies of investment projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber, staple fiber and basalt composite products.

The DIN SPEC 8100 “Automated drapability testing for woven and non-crimp fabrics used in continuous fiber reinforced plastics” was developed and implemented by Textechno, based in Germany, in cooperation with DIN, as well as SAERTEX, the Fiber Institute Bremen, GROZ – BECKERT and FTA Albstadt.

The method described in DIN SPEC uses a high-resolution camera in conjunction with an image analysis, detecting imperfections while draping. It helps to reveal undetected errors as they occur during the three-dimensional deformation for the final component (draping). If these defects are not detected in time, the consumers from Automotive and Aerospace don’t get the required material characteristics.

This method provides values with which the properties of the textile fabric can be characterized and it ultimately helps selecting the right fabric material for the appropriate composite.

Dr. Ulrich Mörschel, CEO of Textechno explains that their products help to avoid conflicts between suppliers and end-users wherever possible. The development of the DIN SPEC has procured us a fast possibility to set a new and useful standard for the entire composite industry, where there are not yet many standards set.

The test equipment will ensure the required material characteristics for rotor blades or structural components in Automotive and Aerospace.

The previous generation of this test equipment received the award at the exhibition 2012 JEC Innovation Award in Singapore.

Companies: Innovation Award, Textechno

Countries: Germany

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, General society

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