Aerospace manufacturers to get professional standards for composite professionals

The United Aircraft Corporation and the Union of Machine Builders of Russia will develop professional standards for the aerospace industry. They will involve 22 standards, including those for Manufacturing and Assembly Engineers, and standards for the professionals in design and manufacture of aircraft composite parts.

For one thing, they will help in evaluating the professional knowledge and skills of the specialists employed in the processes, which use composite materials and technologies. For the other thing, the new professional standards will help to update the curricula of educational institutions and bring them into line with current requirements of the industry.

The decision to develop new professional standards is a logical and natural step against the background of ongoing business modernization, the implementation of new processes and materials, the transition of production to more sophisticated equipment. Before the summer is over, the drafts of professional educational standards for the specialists in the field of composite materials, structures, and products have to be developed.

Countries: Russia

Industries: Aerospace

Terms: Composite materials, Professional standards

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