Russian Volgograd region is speeding up the production of composite products

Volgograd located companies shipped composite products totaling 870 million rubles in 2015. Across the region, the index of industrial production for the first half of 2016 accounted for 104.4%.

As at the beginning of 2016, 12 enterprises of the region produce 43 different composite products and materials. The range includes geogrid, geotextile fiber, basalt construction mesh, fabrics, pipes etc. Part of cooperation programs, involving local composite manufacturers, has been implemented within the framework of the state program “Development of the Volgograd Region and Increasing its Competitiveness”.

In addition to supporting the industrial enterprises from the budget, new industrial parks and clusters will be established in the region. To refresh the data on the state of the composite industry in the Volgograd Region, the composites database for the first half of this year has been updated. This will provide the increased use of composite materials for end-users and will improve conditions for the composite production.

Industries: Construction, Oil & Gas

Terms: Composite market, Composite materials, Pipes

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