Advances and prospects of the Russian polymer composite cluster Altai Polikompozit

The total amount of investments in the Altai polymer composite cluster accounted for 59.6 million rubles in 2015. The figure includes both government support and own investments made by the cluster participants.

Financial support has resulted in product range extension, increase in the annual production capacity up to 1.73 billion rubles, and jobs for more than 800 people. In addition to production, the cluster got involved in development activities. Thus, the Altai Center of Cluster Development held several round tables and workshops in order to inform the prospects about the use of the cluster products.

2015 was a success for the cluster, not only because of business development perspective. Thus, ZAO “NPP Altik” won the regional competition of innovative projects New Altai with the project Composite Poles for Power Transmission Lines (6-10 kV) in the category Innovative Small Businesses. Along with three other cluster participants, Altik became a winner of Commercialization competition organized by the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.

The members of Altai Polikompozit partnership intend to strengthen their position in the region in 2016. To promote the products, the cluster will take part in three specialized exhibitions, will keep on holding roundtables, workshops, and other events this year.

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