International Scientific-Practical Conference “Basalt Technology in Russia – 2016. State, Advances, Prospects of Production and Science Development”

On 27-28 of October 2016, Perm State National Research University will host the conference. The registration of participants is ongoing.

Currently, the organizers are preparing a list of speakers that already includes Nikolay E. Ablesimov, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, with a lecture on the topic: “Crafts from Basalt, Wool and Fiber. The New Data according to Basalt.Today portal».

The registration fee for participation in the conference is 17 000 rubles per person. The fee includes handouts, lunches, coffee breaks, a friendly dinner on October 27, 2016.

To apply for participation, you should download the application form from the website, fill it out and send it to the organizers, the NP “Basalt technology”.

Applications are accepted until October 25, 2016. Tel. for reference: 8-902-47-322-21, (342) 238-56-44.

Companies: Basalt Projects Group, Basalt.Today, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS)

Countries: Russia

Persons: Nikolay Ablesimov

Industries: General society

Terms: Basalt fiber application

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