JSC Polotsk-Steklovolokno (Belarus) is expanding the range of basalt products

The renewed range will include composite basalt pipes for the oil and gas industry, several kinds of basalt meshes, composite rebar, and chopped roving. The product range will be renewed during the modernization of manufacturing facilities.

The company announced the release of the first batch of basalt fiber produced on the renewed equipment in spring. Currently, the enterprise is able to offer the following basalt products:

  • thermally treated basalt meshes, which proved excellent qualities as part of a protective covering for gas and oil pipelines;
  • basalt plaster mesh, which main advantages include alkali and corrosion resistance (as opposed to metal mesh);
  • basalt reinforcement with higher values of elastic modulus, tensile strength, and corrosion resistance (in comparison to Е glass reinforcement);
  • chopped basalt roving, which is able to successfully replace steel fiber as a concrete reinforcement, and is used in the production of needle mats and composite materials.

JSC Polotsk-Steklovolokno is a leading glass fiber manufacturer in Belarus and in the world. Nearly a third of the company’s final products can be called innovative. The enterprise exports most of the finished materials and products.

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