Preparation and Characterization of New Geopolymer-Epoxy Resin Hybrid Mortars

The preparation and characterization of metakaolin-based geopolymer mortars containing an organic epoxy resin are presented here for the first time.

Necessary rock studies of the gabbro and andesite basalt groups for the suitability as the raw material base for the production of continuous basalt fiber (CBF). A unique technique including laboratory melting and pilot-industrial melting at the high-tech equipment.

The specimens have been prepared by means of an innovative in situco-reticulation process,  in mild conditions, of commercial epoxy based organic resins and geopolymeric slurry. In this way, geopolymer based hybrid mortars characterized by a different content of normalized sand (up to 66% in weight) and by a homogeneous dispersion of the organic resin have been obtained.

Once hardened, these new materials show improved compressive strength and toughness in respect to both the neat geopolymer and the hybrid pastes since the organic polymer provides a more cohesive microstructure, with a reduced amount of microcracks. The microstructural characterization allows to point out the presence of an Interfacial Transition Zone similar to that observed in cement based mortars and concretes. A correlation between microstructural features and mechanical properties has been studied too.

Francesco Colangelo, Giuseppina Roviello, Laura Ricciotti, Claudio Ferone and Raffaele Cioffi, Department of Engineering, University of Naples ‟Parthenope‟, INSTM Research Group Naples Parthenope, Centro Direzionale Naples, Italy.


Companies: Mechanical Properties

Countries: Italy

Terms: Composite materials

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