Anatoly Chubais: Rusnano’s Arab partners are interested in Russian basalt composites

Anatoly Chubais, CEO of JSC Rusnano, held a number of meetings with investors and leaders of Arab countries with a focus on greater cooperation and establishment of a joint investment fund.

In early June this year, Rusnano’s Chairman of the Board announced the foundation of the joint investment fund with Iran. The work on this issue with representatives of Arab investment community is being done, several meetings took place, including those in the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the Eastern Economic Forum 2016.

Anatoly Chubais emphasizes in his interview with Russian News Agency TASS, that the Arab partners have a clear interest in both Russian products and the idea of establishing the joint fund. The particular attention is paid to structural materials based on basalt composites because they demonstrate excellent performance in high temperatures and severe climatic conditions. Currently, the final agreement is not reached, “but we are moving in this direction”, said the head of Rusnano in the interview with TASS.


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