Dubna State University (Russia) has opened a composite materials research laboratory

The lab has already begun conducting mechanical and thermophysical testing of composite materials for manufacturers, as well as the training of students.

The laboratory was set up and equipped at the cost of State Education Development Program of Moscow Region, and also at the cost of Nuclear Physics and Nanotechnologies Cluster in Dubna, as reported the Dubna News.

The Head of the Laboratory, Oleg Zubkov said:

It is very important that the learning process will allow students to immerse themselves in the specific features of engineering. We teach them to master software products used for material design, product design and modeling, as well as composite materials calculations. The laboratory will also help them learn composites manufacturing technologies based on resins, glass fabrics, carbon fabrics and fillers.

The laboratory received the modern equipment which makes it possible to study such properties of composite samples as specific heat capacity, flexural strength, elasticity, tension and compression, to determine the modulus of elasticity, to fix points of phase transitions (melting, glass transition, crystallization).

The laboratory is equipped with three tensile machines produced in the UK. They are characterized by higher power capacity and the specific purpose. The electromechanical machine with a capacity up to 3 tons is used for tension and compression. The other two are hydraulic machines, providing endurance tests (i.e. testing of load cycles), with capacity of up to 10 and 50 tones. A climate chamber provides material aging tests under specified temperature and humidity conditions. There is a so-called “clean room” with specific microclimate for the determination of thermal properties of materials (melting, crystallization),

said Oleg Zubkov.

Both a laboratory for testing composite materials and a laboratory for thin-film technologies established last year became the basis for the Engineering Center of Dubna University and the development of innovation ecosystems.

The center is meant to be a link between innovative companies, start-ups and research teams that are in need of new developments to be implemented in production, and the University. On the one hand, the lab resources allow students to participate directly in the research of new materials, on the other hand, the industry gets well-trained professionals who have participated in long-term projects.

The laboratory for composite materials research started their activities in 2015. It was carrying out research at that time. The official presentation took place in the framework of the VII All-Russian scientific-practical conference “The Principles and Mechanisms of Developing the National Innovation System”, held in the SEZ “Dubna” in late September 2016. The lab has a portfolio of research works conducted for such companies as LLC “STTC ApATeCh-Dubna”, LLC “Progresstech-Dubna” in the framework of the NICA project, LLC “AviaProm”, and research conducted according to grants of the University Chemistry Department.

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