Retrofitting Of Concrete Specimens and Reinforced Concrete Piles Using Basalt Fibres

The purpose of this experimental investigation is to study the behaviour of cubes, cylinders, prisms and reinforced piles retrofitted with basalt fibres.

Necessary rock studies of the gabbro and andesite basalt groups for the suitability as the raw material base for the production of continuous basalt fiber (CBF). A unique technique including laboratory melting and pilot-industrial melting at the high-tech equipment.

Several researches have been done in retrofitting of concrete beams and columns, but no work have done in retrofitting of piles using basalt fibres. The concrete used in this investigation was proportioned to target a mean strength of 30 MPa. Specimens such as cubes, cylinders and prism beams were used for this work. The specimens were singly and doubly wrapped with basalt fibre (woven-type).

The mechanical properties such as cube compressive strength, cylinder split tensile strength and prism flexural strength were determined on the conventional specimens (without wrapping), singly wrapped specimens and doubly wrapped specimens. The results show that the specimen with doublewrapping of basalt fibre gives better performance when compared with conventional and single wrapped specimens. All the results were tabulated and graphically plotted.

R.Anandakumar, Research Scholar, Anna University Chennai, Tamilnadu, India;
Dr. C.Selvamony, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, SunCollege of Engineering &Technology, Tamilnadu, India;
Dr.S.U.Kannan, Professor, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, SCAD Engineering College, Tamilnadu, India.


Companies: Mechanical Properties

Countries: India

Industries: Construction, Oil & Gas

Terms: Cylinders

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