Wittmann Group is getting injection molding machines ready for K Show 2016

The Austrian company Wittmann Group, a leading manufacturer of injection molding machines, will feature the novelties during K Show 2016 in Düsseldorf on October 19-26.

This year, Wittmann Group has marked 40-year anniversary by showing the international community the impressive achievements, which include: an annual growth of turnover, an increase in the company’s personnel (starting with 7 employees in 1976, and 2,050 in 2016), and the new machines driven by a control system based on Internet of the Things.

During the company’s 40-year anniversary event in Vienna this June, Wittmann Group held a preview of the technologies and machines to be demonstrated at K Show 2016.

Firstly, it is the new Unilog B8 injection molding machine control system, which uses Windows 10 IoT (Internet of the Things) software. The Unilog B8 will be available for the entire Power range of machines. They include several types of MicroPower, capable of creating tiny components with dimensions 9.7mm x 4.8mm x 3.8mm and 0.05g weight.

Ortofon, the manufacturer of audio recorders, has MicroPower 15 molding machines at their production facility.

The compact servohydraulic machines SmartPower with intelligent, energy-saving drive system uses non-woven organic sheets preforms based on basalt, glass and natural fibers (flax, hemp, kenaf) manufactured by JH Ziegler. New for the SmartPower 350/2250 is the extended clamping force – up to 350 tonnes.

Wittmann Group is getting injection molding machines ready for K Show 2016
Servohydraulic machine SmartPower

It was demonstrated EcoPower 110/350 Medical machine for Medical molding, and injection molding machines MacroPower 450/5100H/2250Y used for automotive applications.

CEO Michael Wittmann says that the company increased its turnover by 19.5% to €359.4m in 2015. The order intake in the first half of 2016 was at a high level, based on good growth in Europe, Asia, Mexico and the US.

For this reason, the overall turnover of €370m is the target for 2016 with 3% growth forecast which is considered conservative. 2017 will see the target of €400m, implying 8% growth from 2016 based on the 2016 forecast.

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Countries: Mexico

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