Vancouver startup has designed an electric-assist bike made of basalt fiber

A Veemo electric vehicle is equipped with an electric motor and solar panels, and the developers have designed a composite body from continuous basalt fiber Innegra for the comfort of the passengers.

Innegra is a trademark of Innegra Technologies engaged in the production of single-component and multi-component basalt, carbon and glass fibers. The company has been in the market since the early 2000s. In August 2013, the company was awarded the JEC Innovation Award for a two-component fiber Innegra ™ H.

The electric vehicle weighs 120 kg, and 17-kg battery allows for the maximum speed 32 km / h and ensures a range of 100 km (with solar panels – up to 125 km). The steering controls resemble those of a scooter, though all instrumentation is displayed on a tablet mounted in the console.

The first real-world testing has begun this fall. Vancouver members of a car-sharing service are supposed to be the first users in North America.

Companies: Innovation Award, Veemo

Industries: Automotive, Sports & Leisure

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