Turkey has opened Composite Technologies Excellence Center with an investment of $30 million

Sabancı University and Kordsa Global, a leading enterprise in reinforcement materials market, have created Composite Technologies Excellence Center with the aim to develop an ecosystem for learning, research, and manufacture of advanced composite materials.

The new high-tech hub has been opened at the Teknopark Istanbul, a Turkish Silicon Valley, to conduct research for the aerospace and aviation industries. The opening ceremony was attended by top officials, including Prime Minister Ahmet Davitaglu.

The Center will develop and manufacture composite materials for planes and vehicles, for medicine purposes and for high-pressure vessels. Wind turbines with the popularity growing from year to year, sporting goods and electronics will also be in the center of attention.

The world witnesses a steady trend towards composite materials, as reported by numerous studies, including MarketsandMarkets. Thus, it is hardly surprising the field of activity the founders have chosen for the Centre of Excellence in Turkey.

Kordsa Global is the world’s leading producer of nylon 6.6 and takes a second place in the polyester market. The company also operates in the field of various reinforcement fibers, including basalt fiber.

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