THERMOSAVE faсade dowel got certified in Europe

A faсade dowel based on a composite bar got the European Technical Assessment (ETA). This certificate allows the manufacturer to sell the dowel in 28 European Member States with CE marking.

Having introduced the new product in 2016, Galen, the manufacturer, informed the dowel was designed for installation in various facade systems, including those with thin rendering. The facade dowel is based on a composite bar, which acts as an expansion element. THERMOSAVE is single-component: the anchoring plug is connected to the bar during the manufacturing process to reduce the time for facade systems preparation.

Galen basalt composite facade dowel (BFRP) produced for the European market has a smaller bar diameter and an increased length of the anchor sleeve, as compared with the version for the Russian market. However, the main characteristics of the product remained unchanged. They include reliable anchoring, the possibility to fasten heat insulation to any base material and the coefficient of thermal resistance of 0.0021 W / K.

The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation confirmed the suitability of THERMOSAVE dowels for construction purposes.

Previously, Galen reported the start of composite production in the Vorsino Industrial Park.

Companies: Galen, Vorsino Industrial Park

Industries: Construction

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