Design and manufacturing basalt and carbon fiber road bike frame

Bicycle  frame  manufacturing  are  dominated by  the use  of carbon fiber due  to its excellent specific mechanical properties (meaning the specific property value divide by its density). The stiffness and light weight of this material allows to obtain high pedal efficiency and safety cornering at high speed.

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However,  carbon  fiber  bike  frames  show  a  handicap  in  order  to  do  long  distances  on bumpy roads. It is in this aspect  where  basalt fiber can play an important role  with the objective  to  obtain  better  flexibility  properties  and  shock absorption,  but  without compromising the overall structure stiffness. Three  types  of  analysis  are  made  in  this  article, all of  them  are  based  in  the “Racing bicycles – Safety  requirements  and  test  methods” norm. In which  it  seeks  to  study  the feasibility of building basalt fiber bicycle frames.

As a conclusion, is was obtained that the optimum configuration is to divide the bicycle frame  in two parts: comfort zone  made  of basalt fiber and power zone  made  of carbon fiber.

Romero, RACORMANCE –Composites Bikes.
Justo, F. París Group of Elasticity and Strength of Materials, University of Seville, Spain.

Companies: Mechanical Properties

Countries: Spain

Industries: Sports & Leisure

Terms: Basalt fiber application

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