Sustainability of RCC Structures Using Basalt Composite Rebars

Basalt composite rebars (BCR) have been introduced recently into the market as an alternative to steel bars. They offer a number of advantages over the conventional steel bars as well as FRP bars.

The main activity of Global Basalt Engineering LLC is creation of effective productions on release of continuous basalt fiber (СBF) with technologies of the last generation and composites on the basis of СBF (Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites as BFRP).

Their light weight combined with non-corrosive nature will result in economic and sustainable reinforced concrete structures. BCR is an ideal choice for applications such as marine structures, off-shore structures, parking structures, bridge decks, highway under extreme environments, and structures highly susceptible to corrosion (paper and chemical industries) and for pervious concrete pavements.

Dr. N. Subramanian, Consulting Engineer, Gaithersburg, MD, USA.




Industries: Marine Transportation and Shipbuilding

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