Technology of Automated Dynamics: continuous pipes from continuous basalt fiber

The technology developed in collaboration with Bartell Machinery allows the company to manufacture products with continuous fiber that can reach up to several miles in length.

Continuous fiber composites may be produced in various forms. Automated Dynamics uses the unidirectional fiber tape with high anisotropy. The company has been a global leader in automated composite production for over 30 years and holds designs and patents on composite processing equipment.

Integrating Automated Dynamics’s technology into Bartell’s rotating equipment will ensure the manufacture of continuous fiber seamless pipes.

Incorporating continuous fiber composites opens the design space for such products as subsea components and industrial cables, with a focus on reduced weight and improved environmental resistance, states the company.

Rob Langone, the Automated Dynamics’ President says that together they are able to address needs in market areas that we currently believe are under-served.


Companies: Automated Dynamics, Bartell Machinery

Industries: Oil & Gas

Terms: Pipes

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