Registration opened for CompIC 2017 in Amsterdam

The Conference will discuss advantages and obstacles of using composites in construction applications.

The initiators promise to present cutting-edge developments in the field of fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) for the construction industry and infrastructure projects. The event will take place in the Park Hotel in Amsterdam from 31st January 31 to 1st February. This conference attracts an audience of professional end-users, starting from architects and designers, and finishing with manufacturers, material suppliers, and researchers.

The Conference official website has already presented a programme and a list of keynote speakers. To facilitate the navigation in the information stream, all the presentations are gathered into several sessions:

  • Design & Analysis;
  • Materials & Structures;
  • Testing and applications.

At the end of each day, the attendees will get the opportunity to examine case studies of fiber reinforced composites applications.

According to NetComposites, which is a company engaged in CompIC 2017 organization process and previously conducted CompIC 2015, the participants of the last Conference found business partners right in the conference room during presentations. Two years passed and a lot of new projects have appeared so it is important to raise awareness of composites and their benefits over conventional materials.

Registration for CompIC 2017 is here.

Companies: CompIC, NetComposites

Industries: Construction, General society

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