Resident of Chaplyginskaya SEZ (Russia) to produce basalt twisted yarn

It will take about three years and nearly 20 billion rubles investments to set up the facility that will manufacture basalt twisted yarn with an annual capacity of 18 thousand tons.

Polymersintez, the company to manufacture basalt twisted yarns, fibrous/porous structural & filter materials and products, has become a member of the special economic zone of industrial type (SEZ) Chaplyginskaya. The Chinese corporation will become a co-investor of the project with plans to provide technology for the manufacture of basalt yarn and to receive 30% of the future company, informs ABIREG.RU agency.

Products made of basalt yarn are in demand in all the sectors, including power generation, airspace, mechanical engineering, civil and industrial construction. Basalt thermal and sound insulation mats and fire-resistant basalt mats are widely used in construction.

Among other things, the production facility in Chaplyginskaya will be able to provide local residents with more jobs. Thus, 520 people will be employed during the first year of the plant operation, and there are plans to increase the staff number to 1500 employees.



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