Ex-CEO of Morton invests in basalt rebar and startups

Basalt composite rebar manufactured at two locations provided by Galen, is already available in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Next year, according to the RBC, the former head of Morton GC, Aleksandr Ruchiev, may set up his own enterprises specialized in the manufacture of innovative basalt fiber construction materials in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Brazil. Aleksandr Ruchiev states that “the talks about projects in India, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Mongolia are in progress”.

Compared with metal, basalt rebar has a number of advantages, including high resistance to corrosion, and increased torsional strength. In addition, the thermal conductivity of basalt rebar is ten times lower than that of steel rebars.


Companies: Galen, Morton

Countries: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam

Industries: Construction

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