Volzhsky Plant of Textile Materials (Russia) started to manufacture basalt mesh

Reinforcing mesh produced of basalt roving can be applied for the reinforcement of self-leveling floors, waterproofing course, joints, surfaces and facade plasters.

It is in demand in the construction and military-space industries. This mesh can be a substitute for a conventional metal mesh commonly used for these purposes. It is durable, resistant to aggressive chemicals, corrosion, mechanical impacts and extreme temperatures, and it is ecologically safe.

Basalt mesh is not the only basalt fiber product Volzhsky Plant of Textile Materials (“VZTM” LLC) produces. The product range includes basalt fabric ТBК-100 used for thermal insulation of heat-treatment machinery and gland packing VATI 900 for the insulation of heat equipment and systems.

“VZTM” LLC was founded in 2011 and is part of “VATI” group of companies. All company products undergo voluntary certification.


Companies: VZTM

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, Defence & Military

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