China’s Yi Technology presents the first full carbon fiber drone at CES 2017

Yi Technology, a Chinese imaging and computer vision technology start-up, backed by the Chinese electronics company and smartphone maker Xiaomi, will introduce its new Yi Erida drone with an integrated action camera during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas early January 2017.

China’s Yi Technology presents the first full carbon fiber drone at CES 2017
Yi Erida drone can reach a speed of up to 75 miles per hour for up to 40 minutes and is, according to the start-up, the world’s fastest tricopter. This performance is enhanced by its lightness – 1 400 g – brought by using carbon fiber. Created in cooperation with US company Atlas Dynamics, Yi Erida drone is announced to be the “world’s first full carbon fiber smart drone controlled with your mobile phone.”

The Yi Erida mobile application enables the user to control the drone. Yi Erida drone features a high-resolution camera, which can record up to 120 minutes. Convenience is also brought by a carbon fiber bag which can facilitate hands-free ground transportation.

Yi Erida drone aims to be broadly available to the public. Yi Technology wants to simplify the use of drones and estimates that Yi Erida drone could become the product that will finally make professional performance affordable to the public.

« We are trying to overcome three of the biggest hindrances to the popularization of drones : the excessive complexity of devices, their very bad distribution to the general public, and their too limited battery life in flight, explained Sean Da, co-founder and CEO of Yi Technology. This model has the most advanced technology and a simple and intuitive operating system, all at a competitive price. » Still unknown, this price may be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas.

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