Ashland introduces high-performance, ultra-weatherable marine gelcoats

New products solve ongoing consumer and manufacturing challenges

Ashland introduced Maxguard™ SCP, a new line of high-performance marine gelcoats that deliver multi-functional benefits including amazing beauty, unequaled weatherability and long-lasting dependability that consumers and premium boat builders alike have been seeking.

“The exterior appearance of a boat is critical to boat owners who typically invest a lot of resources and many man-hours maintaining their vessel to keep it looking beautiful. Ashland’s gelcoats maintain their luster, protecting a boat’s finish for years so its owner can continue to take pride in how the boat looks. This is of great value to the consumer and our customers,” said Ryan Wilkins, Marine gelcoat product manager, North America. “With the SCP product line, Ashland continues to advance the aesthetic and performance capabilities of gelcoat technology.”

The Maxguard SCP line of marine gelcoats enhances a boat’s allure by exhibiting great depth of color. Ashland’s products are formulated to enhance a boat’s finish by providing unparalleled levels of UV-, blush- and blister-resistance. In addition to its appearance and performance, Maxguard SCP gelcoats offer excellent application properties, great reparability, and outstanding crack-resistance. Maxguard SCP high-performance marine gelcoats join the comprehensive portfolio of marine products offered by Ashland. For decades, Ashland has served the best boat builders in the world with new technologies that deliver unmatched quality and performance.   

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