Sumitomo Corporation and Airborne Oil & Gas join forces

Sumitomo Corporation and Airborne Oil & Gas have signed a worldwide commercial cooperation agreement for the sale and distribution of TCP products to the global Oil & Gas Industry.

Sumitomo Corporation and Airborne Oil & Gas join forces

The two companies will leverage each other’s strengths in providing high end thermoplastic composite pipe products for riser, flowline and jumper spool applications.

“The intrinsic properties of the TCP, such as no corrosion, low weight, and end-fittings that are installed quickly offshore, provide our clients with unmatched opportunities to reduce cost, both CAPEX and OPEX” says Martin van Onna, Chief Commercial Officer with Airborne Oil & Gas. “With our DNV qualifications and fast growing track record in the global SURF market, the TCP is widely recognised for its potential as alternative to steel and flexible pipe. This makes 2017 the ideal year to present and introduce the TCP to the global market.”

Sumitomo Corporation, a specialist in the provision of linepipe to the global SURF market, has recognized the disruptive potential of TCP early on.

David Rodgers, Department General Manager Linepipe: “Sumitomo Corporation is extremely excited to have signed this agreement with Airborne Oil & Gas and to have the opportunity to work with this great value adding product. We look forward to bringing the benefits of Airborne TCP to our customers and we are happy that Airborne Oil & Gas recognizes the value of Sumitomo Corporation’s global network.”

The two companies will cooperate on projects where the value added to the industry is most compelling. The cooperation will build on proven business cases that deliver a significant reduction in total installed cost as well as a reduction in total cost of ownership, and supply a suite of fully qualified flowlines and jumper spools.

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