Connora, Aditya Birla scale up the manufacturing of recyclable thermoset binders

The companies formed a partnership to scale up the manufacturing of Connora’s recyclable epoxy thermoset technology called Recyclamine. The two companies are now developing metric-ton scale manufacturing processes for Recyclamine.

Aditya Birla Chemicals, a top multinational manufacturer of epoxy resins and curing agents, is contributing infrastructure, capabilities, and resources to Connora.

A unique and patented feature of Recyclamines is their ability to create cured resins that can be recycled into a reusable thermoplastic, thus enabling true ‘end-of-life’ recycling and ‘zero-waste manufacturing’ in the thermoset composites industry affecting the environment.

Connora notes that composites industry reports state that the manufacturing of composites today generates 5-40% of raw inputs as waste materials, for which there are few options in recycling or reuse. Making composites more recyclable through the use of Recyclamine could help reduce the overall cost of manufacturing composite products and protect the environment.

Niche has used Connora’s technology to create a fully recyclable snowboard with basalt fiber.

Companies: Connora, Niche, Recyclamine

Terms: Recycling

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