TechnoNICOL focuses on supplying mineral wool to Canada

The first batch of mineral wool manufactured by the Khabarovsk division of TechnoNICOL DV was shipped to Canadian customers. A multinational producer of sandwich panels received the batch.

In addition to Canada, the products of the Far East plant are also shipped to China. The cooperation with Chinese partners began almost immediately after commissioning of the Khabarovsk manufacturing facility. In October 2016 exports to that country amounted to 5% of the total exports of basalt insulation manufactured by TechnoNICOL DV.

According to Petr Oreshko, the Director of this enterprise, the mineral wool insulation from Khabarovsk “not only does comply with Russian standards to thermal insulation materials, but also the European ones, which are known to be much higher than in our country”. This year TechnoNICOL plans to gain a foothold in the North America market and to increase the number of customers in this region.

Of note, last spring the company expressed the willingness to launch the basalt insulation plant in the territory of priority development Khabarovsk. In August a new manufacturing facility was put into operation.

Companies: TechnoNICOL

Countries: Canada, China

Industries: Construction

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