Irkutsk Technical University (Russia) creates society to train young scientists and entrepreneurs

Developing continuous basalt fiber reinforced composites is among the promising activities of the Student Scientific Society, which has been set up at the premises of the Department of Physics in Irkutsk National Research Technical University.

The Student Scientific Society named Karbon was established to conduct research and implement innovative projects in the fields of coal chemistry; metallurgy; oil refining; process automation; chemical technologies of fuels and organic matters; aircraft construction; composite materials, and products. Developing continuous basalt fiber reinforced composites is considered a promising area for R&D and manufacturing activities.

In addition to developing capabilities and helping gifted and motivated young scientists to find their place in life, the Student Scientific Society intends to provide students with hands-on experience conducting research and doing business.

Nikolay Konovalov, the scientific supervisor of Karbon and the head of the Department of Physics said:

The Technical University faces a challenging and strategically important task that is to train highly qualified professionals equipped with profound knowledge in physics, and capable of applying this knowledge in the future work. Many professors who are 60 or more are in need of ambitious followers, capable of developing projects initiated by the senior generation. It is possible to train young scientists by providing enabling conditions for doing research and developing practice-oriented projects. Karbon, the Student Scientific Society, provides such an opportunity.

Qualified first-year students can join the Karbon team. In future, in addition to scientific research, they will take part in specific projects, and will face a possibility of founding students’ business, informs press service of INRTU.

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