A high-performance daysailer for racing and pleasure

Lütje Yachts builds the high-performance Lütje 35 Daysailor using ProBalsa.

Lütje Yachts
What started as a one-man business in 1956 with the construction of smaller motorboats has developed into a diverse shipyard for custom-made pleasure boats. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Lütje Yachts is still a family-owned business – now third generation – that sticks to its motto: “klein aber fein” (small but great). Today, the shipyard manufactures individual sailing- and motorboats from 28 to 70 ft. and the dedicated, qualified and motivated co-workers give personalized service and advice to their customers. To Lütje, aesthetics and functionality have to work together to achieve a beautiful, light and strong vessel. This demands the use of first-class materials and the latest technology, which is why all boats built at Lütje are constructed using a sandwich core.

A special daysailer
The Lütje boatbuilders were planning on making a daysailer out of the ordinary. They asked the well-known design office Judel/Vrolijk to help them out with a design for a 35 foot yacht and the shipyard subsequently built two hulls without any pre-orders. This was a bit risky, but both boats sold without delay. After nine months of construction work at the Lüthe shipyard in Hamburg, the two eye-catching 10.8 m Judel/Vrolijk Daysailers 35 were finished.

The construction
The hulls were built using DuraKore planks. The company that manufactured the planks, vdL Composites GmbH, used ProBalsa in the process. DuraKore is a laminate made of E-Glass and epoxy resin, allowing for a composite hull that is as simple as solid wood strips but substantially lighter. The deck structure was made using Divinycell HM80 and E-Glass in epoxy. The design of the boat was kept as simple as possible, with an interior suitable for a shorter after-work tour or a weekend trip. The classic lines of the hull combined with a futuristic deck layout made of wood finish make this sailing boat a true eye-catcher. “We have worked with Diab for years,” says Kai Arendholz, Technical Sales Manager at vdL. “We appreciate the good quality of ProBalsa which we know through the use of DuraKore planks. PVC foam is another material from Diab that we gladly use. The core of the sandwich structure makes all the difference if you want a perfect result. Diab is providing a consistent quality that we can rely on.”

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