Infiana and Fraunhofer IFAM continue their cooperation in 2017

Infiana, the producer of specialty films, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM enter their third year of cooperation.

Focus on FlexPLAS release film technology
Through intensive research, the partners were able to further develop the release film over the past months. Visitors at JEC can look forward to new and expanded applications for FlexPLAS.

“In regards to aggressive solvents such as styrene, we were able to significantly increase resistance. This, as well as the addition of new embossing designs to the FlexPLAS portfolio, gives our customers an even greater range of options,“ explains Soheila Salehi-Schneider, Project Leader for FlexPLAS at Infiana.

“Through the joint build-up of this technological platform, we will be able to expand the positive attributes of FlexPLAS to address numerous new and ambitious application areas in the composites field. We are planning further investments in the months ahead,“ Dr. Gregor Graßl, Project Leader at Fraunhofer IFAM, adds.

Creating new organizational structures 
There have also been changes within Infiana’s sales organization. Since the beginning of 2017, its work in the composites market – one of five target markets for the specialty film producer – has been globally, rather than regionally focused. This allows Infiana to react to the requirements of its customers in an even more targeted manner:

“With this new sales organization, Infiana underlines its role as a ‘Premium Innovator’. In this manner, we can react to market demands in a faster and more efficient fashion than before. We are the problem-solvers for our customers,“ said Markus Peske, Vice President Composites.

About FlexPLAS
The innovative FlexPLAS release film technology enables the production of composite parts without the use of liquid release agents. Capable of elongations of up to 300%, the film can be applied to molds like a second skin. Both the mold and the finished component are entirely free of residues after curing; there is no need for labor-intensive surface activation, and the component is immediately ready to paint or bond. FlexPLAS creates significant reductions in relevant process times and corresponding cost savings. This in turn allows FlexPLAS to make substantial contributions to environmental protection and workplace safety. This technology can be used in all relevant composite industries, such as aerospace, wind energy, automotive, and medical.

As in past years, both partners will be exhibiting together at the JEC World show at the CFK Valley Community Booth. The world’s largest trade show for composites will be taking place at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center from March 14th to 16th.

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