Faurecia renames one of its Business Groups to align with trends for clean mobility

To align with the industry trends and boost its long term growth, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies has reoriented its strategy and becomes Faurecia Clean Mobility.

As air quality becomes a major concern for cities in particular, regulations are increasing the need for electrification and new technologies. In this context Faurecia Clean Mobility will focus on three key areas:

  • New technologies for a more efficient and responsible use of thermal and hybrid cars, integrating high-tech systems such as energy recovery and monitoring of real time data.
  • Developing breakthrough innovations for the rapidly growing commercial vehicle market as well as the global off-highway and high horse power market, including marine and power generation.
  • Leveraging its expertise to develop innovative solutions to accompany the growth of electric vehicles, with a focus on lightweight solutions including composites and battery thermal management.

Christophe Schmitt, Faurecia Clean Mobility Executive Vice-President said:

“By focusing on Clean Mobility we are boosting our growth opportunities. The electrification of the powertrain is a major opportunity for value added technologies such as energy recovery, composites and battery management. At the same time the world is becoming increasingly emissionized, in particular for commercial vehicles and high horsepower engines. This represents important growth opportunities for innovative air quality solutions for which Faurecia is the world leader. ”

As one of the global specialists in emissions control and depollution, Faurecia Clean Mobility has the clear objective of leading the transition of the mobility value chain towards cleaner solutions. Faurecia is doing so with a constantly growing innovation ecosystem including academic, governmental and industrial partners as well as start-ups. In Asia for example Faurecia is working with Clean Air Asia a specialist air quality management network in the region. It has also completed the purchase of Amminex to accelerate the deployment of an efficient nitrogen oxide reduction system for cars and commercial vehicles.

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