Sumitomo Chemical partners with e-Xstream engineering to enhance Digimat-MX’s database

The MSC Software company, announces that the version of Digimat 2017.1, the nonlinear multi-scale material and structural modelling platform, will have the Sumikasuoper E6007LHF grades added to the Digimat-MX database.

Sumikasuper E6007LHF is a thermoplastic liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) that contains a 35% glass fiber. These grades are composed of various neat reskins linking to heat resistance and filler, that further enhance the Digimat- MX database to cover a broad range of thermal resistance up to 355 deg C.

“Sumikasuper LCP (specifically E6007LHF), possesses a unique high-performance among all engineering plastics allowing to develop new applications and markets. Digimat will provide full and easy access to all calibrated material characteristics of the LCP material to develop a suitable part-design and to predict performance of a part made of the E6007LHF,” says Hiroyasu Yamauchi, Senior Manager, Sumitomo Chemical Europe.

The E6007LHF has been qualified for a wide variety of applications from electric to automotive in the global market because of its superior characteristics such as thin-wall fluidity, heat resistance, environmental friendly material, and self-reinforcement.

A lightweight can be achieved with the E6007LHF by downsizing and thinning a part or replacing a metal altogether. This indicates that Digimat 2017.1 can provide a more cost-effective solution to users.

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