Mobile furnace to melt basalt developed in the Russian Republic of Buryatia

The technology has been developed by the young scientists from the Plasma and Energy Technologies laboratory under the direction of Sergei Buyantuev, Doctor of Technical Science. The furnace is suitable for basaltic rocks, oil shale, bottom ash waste.

The laboratory is working in close collaboration with the Buryat Scientific Center to control physical and mechanical characteristics of the developed materials.

According to Sergei Buyantuev, the cost of such a furnace is 4.5 million rubles, and fully equipped manufacturing facility for basalt wool costs 12.5 million rubles. The scientists state that their furnace is energy efficient, because it takes only 1 kW/h to melt 1 kg of basalt, which is much lower than other energy technologies demonstrate. Thus, it is economical when used in localities with an access to cheap electricity.

To develop a mobile furnace the scientists spent 1.5 million rubles as grants. Sergei Buyantuev said, “to put finishing touches, we still need the same amount of money”. The laboratory has been engaged in the development of this technology over the past few years. Earlier versions of the furnace are installed in the city of Gusinoozyorsk (Selenginskiy region) and in the town of Aginskoe. The deputies of the People’s Khural visited the laboratory at the turn of 2016 and promised to support the innovators from Buryatia.

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