The city of Perm sets up Basalt Glass Lab

A small innovative enterprise Basalt Glass Lab will develop materials from chopped basalt fiber to produce super-strength concretes and hydroponic substrates.

Lab founders include Perm State University, the specialists of this institution are engaged in the research of basalt fiber application in various industries.

The company has installed equipment to study the properties of basalt melts at the temperatures up to 2000°C. To make the fiber, they use a pilot induction device. The materials produced from this fiber can be used to manufacture not only concrete but also special cement types and filter materials.

Basalt Glass Lab owes its existence to the business incubator on the basis of the Innovation Center Mozgovo, which residents, among other things, are involved in the basalt technologies research.

Companies: Basalt Glass Lab, Perm State University

Countries: Russia

Industries: Construction, Science

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