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Resin Infusion Demo – Carbon Fiber Kayak

Resin Infusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fiber laminate in a one sided mold. A rigid or flexible film membrane is placed over the top and sealed around the mold periphery. Resin infusion is considered a “Closed Mold Process”.

Carrying out expert evaluations and updating business plans and feasibility studies of investment projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber, staple fiber and basalt composite products.

The benefits of resin infusion when compared to non-vacuum bag curing of composite laminates include:

– Better fiber to Resin ratio
– Stronger laminate
– Low void content
– Reduce operator exposure to harmful emissions
– Reduce resin usage due to pre-compacted fabric
– Faster Ply lay-up

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Companies: Airtech Advanced Materials Group

Technologies: Vacuum Forming

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