R-TECH Materials Showcase Composites Laboratory Tests at JEC World

R-TECH Materials will be showcasing its capabilities for composites at this year’s JEC World in Paris.

Based in South Wales, UK, R-TECH says its polymer and composites laboratories test the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of non-metallic materials, components and products for manufacturers and end users. These include plastics and fibre reinforced composites for material approval and characterisation, to help identify quality issues, solve processing problems or identify why a product has failed.

According to R-TECH it has recently invested heavily to expand its composites testing labs, which includes the first Zwick universal testing machine running on TestXpert III software in the UK. This investment has opened up the capability of testing materials at loads from 1N to 250kN in the temperature range of -70°C to 250°C, with thermal chambers provided by Severn Thermal Solutions. In addition, its high-tech laboratories boast a state-of-the-art Hirox digital microscope and Zeiss Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX micro-analysis for delivering failure investigation and characterisation solutions.

Operating across a wide range of materials and industries, including aerospace, marine and automotive, R-TECH explains that it is accredited to perform testing in tension, compression, flexure, shear and hardness to ISO and ASTM standards under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Laminates can be prepared and samples machined in-house to customer requirements by skilled technician staff. The laboratories provide humidity, temperature and liquid chambers for sample conditioning.

In addition, its testing laboratories have the capability to test complex orientations to loads up to 1500kN. Standard tests include lap shear, in-plane shear, climbing drum peel, shore hardness, compression of core materials and shear properties of sandwich panels, not to mention fatigue testing (in tension or in bending) at loads of up to 100kN. Furthermore, R-TECH says it can offer its customers bespoke testing thanks to its combination of state-of-the-art biaxial extensometry with strain gauging capabilities.

R-TECH’s states that its reputation for the accuracy and quality of its testing has been recognised by UKAS which recently awarded R-TECH accreditation for 13 new test standards. It is also adding further testing standards in 2017 as well as securing approval from the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap).

R-TECH says its team of engineers, materials scientists, and chemists are experienced at solving materials problems and running research and development programs. Lloyd’s Register have recognised R-TECH’s testing expertise and have appointed it as their global laboratory partner, providing testing services in the field of non-metallic materials and collaborating on common research themes.

R-TECH Materials Composites Manager, Dr Geraint Havard, said, “R-TECH is delighted to be exhibiting for the second year in a row at JEC. For a testing and analysis laboratory, composites is such an exciting industry as new materials and applications are being developed almost every day, so never has testing and analysis been more important. We’re recognised around the world for our fast and reliable independent testing and can handle any job, from a simple one-off set of tests to larger scale research and development projects. Thanks to our in-house workshop facilities, we are able to design and manufacture rigs to adapt our test equipment for bespoke testing of both polymer and composite samples along with components and products.”

Visit R-TECH Materials in Hall 6, Stand B75 at JEC World 2017.


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