The Bahamas 400 Series

The Bahamas 400 Open and Elite races present the ultimate adventure and an unforgettable challenge to rowers.

The Bahamas 400 Series
For two weeks, adventurers from all over the world will meet, pre-race, learn from each other and then set off for a 400 mile offshore row to Charleston, South Carolina. The actual race is estimated to take three to five days, depending on the experience of the team. This is the first “open to all” expedition opportunity offered by the Epoch Expeditions, Inc. and Spindrift XR – Expedition Racing team.

The adventure is truly all-inclusive. The organizers offer training, a Spindrift Ocean Rowing vessel and all necessary offshore equipment, medical kit and specific training, support vessels, professional weather routing and 24-hour medical support from a staff of paramedics and physicians. Every team consists of six members and with nothing but oars and mental power to reach their goal – there is no backup in the form of sails or motor – it is important to keep the boats as light as possible.

High-quality vessels from Spindrift Ocean Rowing
One of the head instigators of Spindrift XR’s first race is Sonya Baumstein, CEO of Spindrift Ocean Rowing and an adventurer from Orlando, Florida. She has previously crossed the Atlantic and attempted to become the first woman to row solo from Japan to San Francisco in a boat that weighed a mere 350 kilograms loaded up. Its lightness was partly the result of using Divinycell material in the hull construction.

Based in Port Townsend, WA, Spindrift Ocean Rowing crafts ocean rowing vessels of the highest quality. Using the latest techniques and cutting-edge sandwich construction materials such as carbon fiber/epoxy/Diab cores, the company is able to produce custom-made vessels that are both sturdy and light. When all you can rely on is your own muscle power, every gram counts, and lighter means faster. Contributing to their success, Spindrift vessels also boast wave-piercing bow design, a sturdy rudder, plenty of storage and the possibility of installing solar panels. True to her belief in a sustainable way of living, Sonya also wants to put forward the re-sell value. Constructed using high-quality materials, a Spindrift vessel can last a lifetime.

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