The world of tomorrow is here thanks to Windform

“From earth to heaven”: how Additive Manufacturing and Windform GT material helped in the construction of drone

The world of tomorrow is here thanks to Windform
Sometimes it happens to stumble on expressions such as: “A while ago a lot of people thought that small drones with 3D printed parts would not really become a thing. They based this on weight and build size”. Or: “As drones are becoming more common, they’re being built for a variety of purposes; delivery and relief and military operations are just a couple. Then there’s the leisure drone”. They seem utterly right.

CRP Technology is involved in researching and developing of Windform family of high-performance composite materials for 3D printing.

Since 1996, Windform materials have made it possible for laser sintering technology to create high-performing parts. Parts highly-functional, beautifully finished and reliable. Thanks to Windform, impossible applications are now possible. Such as small drone’s body structure.

One of the top consumer drone manufacturers developed the final version of its latest leisure drone with the help of CRP Technology and Windform.

The body of the functional prototype, built with Selective Laser Sintering technique and innovative Windform GT Additive Manufacturing material, combines superior aesthetic results in excellent resistance to impact and temperature changes.

The first structure was built on injected parts made with polyamide based glass reinforced composite material.

Then the company moved to Selective Laser Sintering technology in collaboration with CRP Technology in order to optimize the performance of the functional prototype without developing long lead time and high cost injection tooling, accelerate iteration generation, improve manufacturing time, facilitate production in series.

The drone’s parts in Windform GT are the main structure (central body) and all singles arms. The body is robust and flexible, and the arms are reinforced. It has been validated that natural frequencies of parts manufactured with Windform GT material were similar to injection molded parts with polyamide based glass reinforced composite material.

From 14 to 16 March CRP Technology will join JEC WORLD 2017, the largest composites show in the world that covers the whole composites value chain from raw material to processors and final products.

CRP Technology will be displaying drone’s main structure at Better Living Planet (Sports and leisure section), Hall 5A, P82.

BEBOP 2: CRP Technology and Windform GT material for the first “leisure drone”

Video of BEBOP 2: CRP Technology and Windform GT material for the first "leisure drone"

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