Sicomin secures bio resin contract with Cobra International and launches new infusion system

Following the launch of Sicomin’s bio resin range, the company has established itself as formulator and supplier of bio epoxy systems in industrial quantities. Sicomin’s GreenPoxy products are used in a variety of markets such as marine structures, leisure and winter board sports and electric vehicles.

Cobra International switch production to Bio resins
Sicomin has secured a significant bio resin supply arrangement with Cobra International. Both companies have worked in partnership very successfully for over 25 years and Cobra is the principal OEM for windsurf, surfboard and stand up paddle boards for leading brands including; Starboard, Fanatic, JP Australia, Surftech and NSP.

Sicomin’s substantial investment at their south of France facility to support the industrial supply of bio resins has allowed Cobra to make an easy transition from traditional petrochemical based epoxies to GreenPoxy for the production of many water sports products. 

Danu Chotikapanich, Cobra’s CEO, comments, “We are proud of our decision to move towards bio based products. The composites industry must promote sustainability to support a greener future for everyone. Sicomin has been integral in our shift to bio products and there have been no compromises in mechanical performance and mini¬mal difference in cost.” 

InfuGreen 810 Resin Infusion System
Sicomin continues to develop the GreenPoxy range with the introduction of InfuGreen 810. The product has been formulated to support manufacturers producing parts using injection or infusion techniques and is also available in high volume, industrial quantities.

InfuGreen 810 has recently received the respected DNV GL certification. This rigorous testing standard provides Sicomin’s customers with the added assurance of the products quality, efficiency and safety standards. 

InfuGreen 810 is an advanced resin system with very low viscosity at room temperature and approximately 38% carbon content derived from plant based origins. It is available with a variety of hardeners and is suitable for small to very large components including extremely thick laminates.

InfuGreen 810 infusion system, has recently been awarded DNV GL certification and will be officially launched at JEC World 2017.

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