Decision signs deal for the delivery of the first Seabubble

Lausanne based Decision SA, member of the Carboman Group is an historic high-end carbon boatbuilder and a major player in the construction of large composite parts for industrial application.

The Solar Impulse revolution
The company’s diversification started in 2011 with the construction and assembly of all of the main composites structures of Solar Impulse, the revolutionary prototype that was the first and unique solar plane to have accomplished a round the world flight without a single drop of fuel. This technological and human challenge, something that was once just a dream, was made possible by the Solar Impulse engineers and the Decision building team, who pushed the limits of composites manufacturing in all of its aspects: weight saving, strength, aerodynamics.

America’s Cup
More recently, it was the French America’s Cup team, Groupama Team France, who benefited from Decision’s expertise for the construction of the various elements of their 50′ prototype racing catamaran. Designed by more than 30 engineers, this precision work required over 15,000 hours of labour, split between both Carboman group entities: Decision in Switzerland and Multiplast in France. This racing machine represents the ultimate evolution of yacht design and boatbuilding techniques and is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 45 knots on the water with the sole power of the wind. The boat will be competing in the 35th Americas Cup Challenge in May 2017 in Bermuda.

Composites solutions now also available for civil engineering
Various architectural studios and engineering offices have also called upon Decision’s expertise in providing solutions for civil engineering and buildings, where composites materials can provide the best compromise to specific shape requirements, weight constraints, strength and to safety aspects. Decision is currently working on integrated solutions for composite roof panels, bridges and other structural elements for internationally recognized customers.

These developments, as well as the integration of fire protective requirements in composite materials, have put Decision in a key place to provide innovative solutions for the building industry. The company continues to collaborate actively on these different fields and has worked, for more than 20 years, with the internationally renowned École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Seabubble, carrying people above the water…
Thanks to its capacity to deliver on-time integrated solutions to client’s challenging demands, Decision has recently had the famous French skipper of “L’Hydroptère”, Alain Thébault, and his business partner, windsurfing champion Anders Bringdal, knocking on its doors to develop and build the first prototypes of Seabubble.

These unique one-of-a-kind electrical and ecological vehicles will carry passengers across rivers, lakes, harbours or marinas. They will be equipped with foils that will lift the vehicle and make it fly “over the water”, without generating any waves. The first prototypes will be delivered in June 2017 and trials will take place in Paris, on the Seine, right after.


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