ChromaGlast paint for fiberglass and composites

Fibre Glast Developments Corp announces that they have partnered with PPG Industries to launch their exclusive line of ChromaGlast Paint and coating products.

Created for use with fiberglass, carbon fiber, SMC, and other composite materials, this paint fills a large gap in the composite materials industry.

“We have customers designing beautiful cars, sculptures many different projects. They have asked again and again for a paint option outside of gel coat, and we are excited to fulfill their requests.” – Marilyn Soelter, President of Fibre Glast.

Unlike gel coat which is formulated to be molded into the composite polyester part, ChromaGlast Paint will bond to epoxy systems and is ideal for repair or refinishing composite parts as well as original construction.

ChromaGlast Paints
ChromaGlast provides a high-gloss color coating that provides years of durability as well as chemical and corrosion resistance. In addition to cured composite substrates, this system can be used with metals like steel and aluminum. Over 250 single stage, high gloss colors are available at launch. Another 50 including base and clear coat will be available by May 1, 2017. A full range of solid and metallic OEM and customer-specific colors will be available by January 2018. Low VOC Solvent is available for thinning. It will not sag like lower quality paints on the market and will provide gloss and durability even under extreme conditions.

ChromaGlast Primers
ChromaGlast Gray epoxy primer is a primer sealer used to prepare clean composite or metal substrates prior to applying ChromaGlast paint. Also available, ChromaGlast High Solids Primer Surfacer/Sealer is a dual-purpose undercoating system that adds the ability to be used as a sandable primer surfacer to smooth rough finishes and mixed materials, and can also be used as a premium pigmented primer sealer on ready-to-coat finishes. All materials included in the ChromaGlast line were designed to meet a low 2.8 (max) VOC standard for environmental responsibility and strict EPA regulations around the country.

Based in Brookville, Ohio, Fibre Glast Developments Corp has been a distributor of top quality composite materials for over 50 years. Fibre Glast services a broad array of high-performance industries including aerospace, marine, education, sporting goods, and automotive.

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