Composite Recycling Technology Center signs memorandum of understanding with ELG Carbon Fiber

The Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) based in Port Angeles, WA and ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd (ELG) based in Coseley, UK, announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on carbon fiber recycling.

Under the terms of the agreement, the CRTC and ELG will develop innovative ways to utilize the carbon fiber that gets reclaimed by ELG’s state of the art pyrolysis process, and turn it into value added products that positively impact people’s lives and our environment.

David Walter, Chief Operating Officer of the CRTC, said:

“We are thrilled and honored to be working with an outstanding company like ELG. Their industry-leading recycling process and technical know-how allows for them to recover carbon fiber from cured materials at a very competitive price. We see opportunities to combine their recovered carbon fiber with our repurposed carbon fiber pre-preg to produce a wide range of value-added products. In addition, the CRTC is interested in manufacturing products from ELG’s blend of recycled carbon fiber and thermoplastics. This high-performance, low-cost material opens up significant doors for collaboration on multiple product applications”

Frazer Barnes, Managing Director of ELG, said:

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work closely with the CRTC and are already discussing some major projects that will kick-start the recycled carbon fiber industry on an international level. Our fiber and resins combined with their research, product development expertise, and production capabilities are an excellent match that will lead to multiple innovations”.

Robert Larsen, CEO of the CRTC said that:

“Working closely with ELG means that we can provide a one-stop carbon fiber recycling team that addresses the needs of large-scale generators of carbon fiber scrap. It also provides the CRTC with a consistent supply of low-cost recycled carbon fiber and thermoplastics. When combined with our recycled carbon fiber pre-preg, it will create dozens of beneficial uses for this previously landfilled material. We believe this partnership creates significant opportunities for high volume production of cost-competitive components for automotive and Clean Energy applications. Our product development efforts and subsequent manufacturing initiatives will create living wage jobs for our community and will reap significant additional economic, energy, and environmental benefits.”


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