Haydale signs a four-year agreement with global industrial manufacturer

Haydale Graphene Industries, a global nanomaterials group, is announces that its subsidiary, Advanced Composite Materials, has entered into a four-year agreement to supply silicon carbide micro-fibre to a global industrial manufacturer of tooling and wear-resistant solutions.

This sole supply agreement has a potential sales value of over US$2.6 million over the initial four year term with first orders to be delivered in the final quarter of this financial year. The agreement has a minimum annual order quantity which the board expects will equate to an average annual revenue of approximately US$600,000 (subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement being met).

Following a period of stringent testing, the Haydale SiC fibre has been approved for use in the production of SiC whisker reinforced (hard edged) cutting tools. There is considerable demand for SiC whisker reinforced cutting tools which are used extensively across a range of industries and more specifically, for the production, of land based turbines and jet engine fan blades. This Agreement marks a significant step forward for ACM, which is also now proactively selling Haydale’s range of graphene enhanced composites, 3D printing filaments and additives into the North American market. ACM was acquired by Haydale in September 2016.

Commenting on the agreement, Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale, said: “We took the decision last year to invest in the USA through Haydale Technologies’ acquisition of a speciality materials business, ACM. We are delighted with the integration of ACM within the Group and especially the volume of samples of graphene, silicon carbide and a hybrid combination of both we have shipped to major US companies as well as certain targets in the Far East. Feedback has been very encouraging and positive. Our focus is to support the co-development of new materials with these companies and bring them to market.”

Commenting on the Agreement, Trevor Rudderham, CEO of Haydale Technologies, Inc. said: “We have made great progress over the past four months since our acquisition of ACM. We have solidified existing contracts and have now started winning new sales accounts such as this one asking for deliveriesin the next quarter. This demonstrates our focus on building long term business partnerships with best in class corporations. As we continue to integrate all of the products and services Haydale offers into the US, we are confident of achieving continued success.”

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