BÜFAtec Spain looks for opportunities in the Brazilian wind power market

BÜFAtec Spain, a member of German group BÜFA, a manufacturer of composite molding equipment, intends to expand its presence in Brazil in 2017 by doing business with companies of the wind power sector.

BÜFAtec Spain has been in the country since 2014, when it signed an exclusive agreement with Dilutec for the distribution of its products.

Rafael Recio, director of BÜFAtec Spain

“We want to repeat in Brazil our successful experience providing equipment to global manufacturers. In fact, many of these manufacturers already operate in the country, something that will make it simpler for us to have our equipment approved,” said Rafael Recio, director of BÜFAtec Spain.

Of the company’s portfolio of solutions for spinner and nacelle infusion, for instance, Recio recommends the UNI 125. This equipment can inject 6 liters of resin per minute, and customers can work with polyester or epoxy by changing the peroxide pump.

For the infusion of wind blades, BÜFAtec Spain steers customers to use the UNI 250, which was approved recently in Europe. With capacity to inject 12 liters of resin per minute on different spots of the mold, the equipment has a system that prevents infusion of a blade without peroxide, an incident that usually renders the part completely useless.

According to Marcos Pannellini, commercial manager of Dilutec, BÜFAtec’s operation in Brazil is backed by local technical support and a maintenance parts warehouse located in Piracicaba (SP), at one of Dilutec’s plants – the company also has a unit in Senador Canedo (GO).

“We are very optimistic about BÜFAtec Spain entering the Brazilian wind power market. It is hard to say at this time how many machines we will be able to provide, but the plan is establishing a presence in all local producers of blades and other components by the end of the year,” he detailed.

Operating since 1996, BÜFAtec Spain has sold more than 5,000 machines around the world. Dilutec was founded in 1995, and it is the distributor of BÜFAtec Spain equipment in Latin America, and the official distributor of Ashland resins in the Mid-West region of Brazil. Dilutec is also one of the main producers of gelcoat and thinner in the country.

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