Swiftcomp software models advanced composite structures

The software can be used either independently as a tool for virtual testing of composites or as a plugin to power conventional 3D finite element analysis (FEA) codes with high-fidelity modeling for composites. While most codes are specific to a single type of analysis, SwiftComp provides equal support for both elastic and thermal properties.

Similarly, most codes stop at the laminate level while SwiftComp scales to provide effective beam and plate properties generated from complex cross-sections. Because of its versatile nature, SwiftComp has applications in aerospace, defense, automotive, energy and any other industry involving composites.

ROCCOR, the company engaged in engineering and analysis for deployable structure systems for aerospace and other industries, leverages SwiftComp for computing advanced engineering solutions.

AnalySwift, the developer of Swiftcomp software, has licensed the technology through the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialisation. Last year the US budget allocated $ 2.5 billion for the financing of advanced manufacturing technologies. Purdue University was among the grantees in this initiative.

Companies: AnalySwift, Swiftcomp

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Energy

Terms: Composite materials

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