Knitting machine able to process continuous basalt fiber to be showcased at Techtextil

An electronic crochet knitting machine COMEZ ACOTRONIC 8B/600 from Jakob Muller is able to produce a wide range of ribbons, laces and technical textiles from various yarns, including basalt fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon etc. Finished fabrics suit for the manufacture of technical and medical articles.

In addition to the above-mentioned fibers, COMEZ ACOTRONIC also allows the processing of both classic synthetic yarns and natural yarns (polyester, polyamide, cotton, wool). Jakob Muller managed to make the machine highly versatile due to the use of compound needles.

The machine is fitted with the colour touch screen data control controller, which manages all essential machine functions, monitors production data, and enables the realisation of lengthy pattern repeats.

The crochet knitting machine COMEZ ACOTRONIC 8B/600 will be shown at the international exhibition Techtextil 2017 along with other textile machinery from Jakob Muller, informs the company press service.

The event dedicated to technical textiles and nonwovens will be held in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, from May 9 to 12, 2017.

Companies: Techtextil

Countries: Germany

Industries: General society, Medical

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