Representatives of Basalt Projects Inc. introduced basalt composites at Ministry of Irkutsk Region

The meeting in the Ministry of Construction and Road Economy of Irkutsk region was devoted to the implementation of composite materials in a few sectors of the regional economy.

Modern composites have demonstrated their advantages over traditional materials in quite a wide range of applications, but they are mostly in demand in the construction industry, the road and transport infrastructure, and the housing and communal services.

Due to the light weight, basalt composites reduce logistics and installation costs, are not subject to corrosion, resistant to aggressive environments, seasonal temperature changes, and humidity levels. They are equally suitable for external and internal use while retaining a set of chemical and physical properties under different conditions.

Designers, structural engineers, and the heads of construction organizations took part in the meeting hosted by the Ministry of Construction and Road Economy of Irkutsk region. They discussed the issues of composite materials implementation in a few sectors of the regional economy.

Kirill Muravyov, the Chief Engineer of Basalt Projects Inc. made a presentation on “The use of continuous basalt fiber reinforced composites in construction.”

The meeting participants noted that Irkutsk region has all the necessary conditions for the production of basalt fiber, and also mentioned the imperfection of the regulatory framework, which hampers the wide use of innovative materials.

The meeting outcome was to inform the design and expert organizations of Irkutsk region about the current regulatory documentation on the use of composite materials, in particular, reinforcement bars. It is scheduled to hold a second meeting devoted to the use of composite materials in construction with the officials from the regional design and expert organizations in May 2017.

Kirill Muravyov emphasized:

The effective use of basalt composites opens new opportunities for the designers ensuring all the range of specials qualities inherent in continuous basalt fiber reinforced composite materials. Their application eliminates a number of problems that inevitably arise when using conventional materials subjected to the destructive effect of corrosion.

Companies: Basalt Projects Group

Industries: Construction, Transport

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