Russian designers received software that knows basalt insulation

The materials database in the new software release called Isolation is enriched with information about basalt insulation mats produced by various manufacturers. The developers also provided clarifications and corrected errors in the calculations of volume and surface area of insulation for different situations.

The designers will be able to work with correct typical sizes of materials produced by Rockwool Ltd. and use materials of different manufacturers for designing purposes. In particular, as the official release informs, the following products of BOS Ltd. were added in the database:

  • Stitched thermal insulating mats made of super-thin basalt fiber МПБ-БСТВ;
  • Stitched thermal insulating mats made of thin basalt fiber МПБ-БТВ;
  • Acoustic mats АТМ-10 Б, АТМ-10 К и АТМ-10 С;
  • Thermal insulating mats made of basalt fiber PRO-VENT;
  • Thermal insulating cylinders and bends made of basalt fiber;
  • Basalt flame retardant sew-knit fabric PRO-МБОР.

In early 2017 Isolation software was added to the Unified Register of Russian Software for Computers and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation. This software along with the other computing complexes from NTP Pipeline Ltd is used in many CIS countries for profile calculations.

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