Post-Impact Mechanical Characterisation of Glass and Basalt Woven Fabric Laminates

Two woven fabric laminates, one based on basalt fibres, the other on E-glass fibres, as a reinforcement for vinylester matrix, were compared in terms of their post-impact performance.

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With this aim, first the non-impacted specimens were subjected to interlaminar shear stress and flexural tests, then flexural tests were repeated on laminates impacted using a falling weight tower at three impact energies (7.5, 15 and 22.5J). Tests were monitored using acoustic emission analysis of signal distribution with load and with distance from the impact point.

The results show that the materials have a similar damage tolerance to impact and also their post-impact residual properties after impact do not differ much, with a slight superiority for basalt fibre reinforced laminates. The principal difference is represented by the presence of a more extended delamination area on E-glass fibre reinforced laminates than on basalt fibre reinforced ones.

Igor M. De Rosa, Francesco Marra, Giovanni Pulci, Carlo Santulli, Fabrizio Sarasini, Jacopo Tirillò, Marco Valente.


Terms: Mechanical characteristics

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