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Mikrosam invested €2 million in composite manufacturing laboratory

Mikrosam, a globally recognized leader in innovative composite manufacturing solutions, presented its new fully modernized lab facility at this year’s JEC World show

Over the years, Mikrosam has invested in a composite manufacturing laboratory making it available to customers for research, development and testing composite materials, including those of basalt fiber.

With a commitment to continuous R&D in composites, the company has proceeded with an additional €2 million investment to expand the lab capability.

The new smart laboratory is equipped with all machines and additional equipment for designing and manufacturing of composite materials and structures using the technology of automated tape laying (ATL) and automated fiber placement (AFP), filament winding, prepreg making and prepreg slitting and rewinding. So far, Mikrosam is the only company in this industry that has developed an AFP/ATL Solution, a robot machine which integrates five exchangeable heads for applying five different processes and various types of materials.

The multidisciplinary team working at the laboratory consists of specialists in electronic, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, automation, as well as experts in the technology of materials and the nano-technology.

The laboratory offers versatile services helping current and potential customers choose equipment that revolutionizes high-performance and efficient production of lightweight and durable composite parts. The engineering platform is accessible for testing and supervising, demonstration, prototyping, new technology/product development, comparative analysis of different technologies and machines, technical consulting, maintenance training, market research, project management and start-up assistance, know-how and technology transfer.

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I am delighted to announce this important investment in upgrading our R&D infrastructure. Today’s dynamic in the composites industry requires improvements and investments in new equipment to stay market competitive. Our customers need access to the latest technology for composite parts production. This is central to our commitment to upgrade our laboratory with relevant solutions to tackle the challenges of tomorrow,

says Dimitar Bogdanoski, Sales Manager of the company.

In November this year, Mikrosam will host an automation in composites seminar and will be showcasing the lab’s new and modern capabilities to more than 50 composite professionals around the world.

Mikrosam AD, based in Prilep, Macedonia, is a leader in developing customized machines and know-how for the composites industry. With more than 27-years of R&D, Mikrosam has installed more than 200 production lines in over 40 countries around the world, including Germany, USA, Russia, Japan, China, India, Korea among others. The customers include the aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, civil engineering, defense, research and other segments.

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